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Saudi Medicare in Riyadh in April 2010 – the Key to the Largest Healthcare Market in the Middle East

Guiding Principle

Sesam Business Consultants are appointed as the Promoters of the Saudi Medicare Exhibition 2010 in Riyadh (12.-15. April 2010). Sesam thanks Roedl, Meyer-Reumann for its special issue of lex Arabia focusing on the healthcare situation in the Middle East and for the opportunity to introduce the Saudi Medicare 2010.

Saudi Arabia’s healthcare market is indeed a most lucrative market. It is becoming more complex and dynamic as the Saudi economy is booming with record income despite the worldwide financial crisis. Its population is growing fast with increasing healthcare needs – and the Saudi Ministry of Health takes care of it. This guest article aims at providing information regarding the potentials of the market and the opportunities of participating in the Saudi Medicare Exhibition 2010.

A.  The Saudi Healthcare Market

Saudi Arabia is a promising market with plentiful investment opportunities. Unprecedented public sector spending, large-scale industrial expansion and growing consumer demand make Saudi Arabia one of the most attractive markets in the Middle East. The Saudi healthcare market is the most advanced and developed in the region. Its market value is currently estimated at USD 13.1 billion. The 2010 budget has allocated USD 16.3 billion for health related investments and expenditures. By 2016, the population of Saudi Arabia is anticipated to grow by more than 20% to nearly 30 million. Expenditure on health is expected to increase even faster than the rate of population growth. The Saudi Government is committed to create a system, which is more responsive to the health needs of the Kingdom’s population. International healthcare providers and investors are expecting that the coming liberalization of the sector in Saudi Arabia would translate into increased access to the largest healthcare market in the Arab World. Saudi Arabia is the Gulf’s largest market for medical equipment and one of the largest pharmaceuticals markets in the Middle East, of which approximately 85% is imported. Greater emphasis on healthcare and the continued upgrading are creating a strong demand for medical supplies of goods and services. Those factors offer endless opportunities to those looking to expand their business into Saudi Arabia. The question, however, is, how to open the door to this lucrative market?

B.  Business Development in Saudi Arabia1

The Saudi healthcare market is getting increasingly important. Although Dubai is an international hub, it is not possible to reach Saudi Arabia without being present. Arab business partners, especially Saudi businessmen expect from a foreign company to present itself locally.

Thus, exhibitions and trade missions play an important role by creating the framework for business activities in a profitable market and in setting business development goals right. No other event brings supplier and potential customers so concentrated together than an exhibition. Exhibitions are a focal point for industry, attracting a broad cross-section of representatives, from buyers and sellers, to trade offices and associations and – last not least – the media. Due to their various benefits, exhibitions are more than just a marketing and/or communication instrument.

Sesam Business Consultants in cooperation with Roedl, Meyer-Reumann Middle East Ltd. have successfully supported foreign companies’ business development in the Middle East over many years, e.g. governmental trade delegations and round tables networking on VIP level. Building on our experience in the field of business development and the feedback we received by trade missions and exhibitors. Sesam has developed a concept, that combines different business elements, e.g.:

  • Participation at the Saudi Medicare Exhibition;
  • hand picked one-to-one meetings;
  • exclusive businessmen dialogues; and
  • Site visits, where we provide our clients with first-hand information.
  • Seminars and workshops.

Further elements of this concept are preparatory workshops and an Internet portal (, which provides our clients with all the information needed such as business investment guides, a personal agenda, and inside information. The portal provides detailed advance information about all participating executives and their strategic business needs through a secure platform. A sophisticated web-based scheduling system enables delegates and providers to select one-to-one business meetings that fit their current priorities and preferences.

This specific offer for a trade mission targets in particular regional managers in the Middle East and beyond, who are interested in developing and establishing their business in the Saudi market.

C.  The Saudi Medicare Exhibition 2010

The Saudi Medicare Exhibition is the biggest healthcare exhibition in Saudi Arabia. and a gateway to business advancing results. Saudi Medicare is intensively supported by the Saudi Ministry of Health, being at the same time the largest buyer of healthcare services, products and other investments. A wide array of medical products will be on display at Saudi Medicare 2010. Organizers expect a record number of visitors from across the region. Key decision makers from the healthcare industry will attend the show on the lookout for lucrative investment deals. Domestic and regional healthcare agents are forming the core of the visitors, making Saudi Medicare 2010 a valuable medical show.

D.  Why attend Saudi Medicare 2010?

There are many reasons to attend Saudi Medicare 2010, e.g. to

    • Explore the latest business development opportunities in the healthcare industry in Saudi Arabia
    • Develop strategies to exploit the rapid growth in the healthcare industry in the region;
    • Benefit from exclusive insights regarding the Saudi healthcare industry as an insight of the whole health insurance market in the GCC
    • Build networks, capitalize on relationships and gain direct contact with decision makers and governmental procurement organizations.

The Saudi Medicare is organized by Riyadh Exhibitions Company Ltd. (REC) and will take place at the new Riyadh Exhibition Centre. For more information please visit our website

.    The author likes to thank Roedl, Meyer-Reumann Middle East Ltd for the possibility to contribute to the lex arabiae special edition “Healthcare”.

January, 2010 Britta Hadler and Boris Ritter
  Sesam Business Consultants – Dubai Office
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