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E- Tendering Service in Oman

Guiding Principle

Electronic Tendering (E-Tendering) is carrying out the traditional tendering process in electronic form by using internet. By using E-Tendering the Ministries of Oman can create and publish tender, sell tenders, receive bids, evaluate tenders and award contracts.

In addition and through E-Tendering, the suppliers may receive notification of the relevant tender, purchase tenders document, submit bids online and track the status of their bids.

A. Overview of Tender Board:

The Tender Board (TB) was established in 1972 to handle all government projects and requests for projects from civil service ministries and other government agencies. Projects below OMR 250,000.00 can be awarded through the ministry’s internal procurement committees. Projects above that amount must be floated and awarded through the Tender Board.

B. Forms of Tender

There are different types of tender currently existing:

  • General (also called open Tender): General Tenders to all companies, be it local or international.
  • Limited. The Tender Board invites all qualified companies (classified and given a degree) Local and international. Local companies must have a valid Tender Board registration. International companies participating in this tender must complete the registration formalities within one month of awarding of a contract.

C. E-Tendering

As part of the Oman initiative, the Government Tender Board (GTB) has computerized all tendering and procurement processes in the Omani government sector.

The primary objective of E-Tendering is to establish a centralized state of the art tendering management system & processes. This will help in achieving higher efficiency and will also enhance elements of transparency and accuracy in government tendering process. E-Tendering will make it possible for government entities to prepare, float, evaluate and award tenders using E-Tendering solutions. It will also provide Contractors, Suppliers and Consultants with the mechanism to purchase tenders, submit offers, register and renew registration with the Government Tender Board online.

The E-Tendering solution fits with the requirements of the tendering process governed by the Tender Law No 36/2008 and Regulation No 29/2010. The GTB is also involved, together with appropriate entities, to integrate with other government applications over the e-governance system to ensure seamless service availability and secure transactions.

D. Merits of E-Tendering Solution

The merits and advantages of the E-Tendering solution shall be as follows:

  • Simplified and interactive tendering process.
  • Increased transparency and accountability of tendering process.
  • Effective utilization of resources in E-Tendering process.
  • Increased number of participants in government tenders.
  • Reduced processing time of tenders.
  • Helpdesk support availability in Arabic & English.
  • Access to E-Tendering solution 24 hours and 7 days a week.
July, 2011 Yacoob Al-Oufy
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