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Vol.XV – Issue 1, Jan. 2011 – Articles

Review of
Legal News of the Gulf

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New Rules and Changes on the UAE-Labour Market

Guiding Principles
Starting from January 1st, 2011 several changes took place by the Ministry of Labour issuing new rules for labour and resident permits and the opportunity to switch employers more easily. The following Article will show the recent amendments to the UAE-Labour Law which became effect with the new year 2011.

Trademark Protection at Dubai Customs

Guiding Principles
Taking action against trademark infringements through Dubai Customs is an additional option for trademark owners to fight violations of their intellectual property rights. The additional registration procedure at Dubai Customs should be taken into consideration as it is evident that most of the infringing goods are not produced within the UAE, but are imported. Dubai Customs may stop infringing products before entering the country.

Investment progress in Egypt

Guiding Principles
This article is shading some light on the progress of investment in Egypt and the legal form of companies in Egypt.

The Impact of International Boycott Rules against Iran on the Iranian Business of the Foreign Establishment in the Islamic Republic of Iran

Guiding Principles
Iran is under several international sanctions over its refusal to suspend uranium enrichment. These sanctions have considerable influence on the Iranian business of those foreign establishments which are registered in Iran and/or conduct financial transaction with the Iranian market. Many foreign establishments have suspended their transaction with Iran and some of them proceed to close down their legal companies, branch or rep. offices in Iran.

New Labour Law in Kuwait

Guiding Principles
Kuwait’s new Law No. 6 of 2010 promulgating the Law of Labour in the Private Sector (the “Labour Law”), enacted February 21st, 2010 following its publication in the Official Gazette, replaces the previous labour law in its entirety. In the following this Article will focus on the main interesting legal points and changes to the new Kuwaiti Labout Law, in particular the end of service indemnity and its calculation, the calculation of annual leave and the permissible working hours and overtime calculation.

Changes in Qatari Foreign Investment Law

Guiding Principles
According to the new Law No. 1 of 2010 , Amending Some Provisions of Qatari Foreign Investment Law No. 13 of 2000, foreign investors will be allowed to up to 100% ownership in more sectors in Qatar.

Economic Cities in Saudi Arabia

Guiding Principles
In 2006, Saudi Arabia announced the establishment of the so called “Economic Cities”. With total cost of US$ 60 billion, Economic Cities are cities designed to establish modern and civilized areas to suit both practical and recreational sides of life in intention to improve lifestyle in the Kingdom. Each city is established for different purpose with common target to attract more domestic and foreign investment to the Kingdom.

Using an Agent or Distributor in Yemen

Guiding Principles
Using an Agent or a Distributor could be one option in order to approach into the Yemeni market. Depending on the intended function of the Agent/Distributor, whether he shall be an active party in the later business structure or rather play a passive role, he might be very helpful by building up or extending the local business. However, the careful selection of an adequate and reliable Agent/Distributor, as a long-term business partner, is a major pre-condition.

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