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Vol.XVI – Issue 4, Oct. 2012 – Articles

Review of
Legal News of the Gulf

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Highlights on Public Private Partnership in Egypt

Guiding Principles
The Public Private Partnership Law No. 67 of 2010 (hereinafter “PPP Law”) was promulgated on May 18, 2010 as part of the government’s strategy to reform the countries economy and increase energy and infrastructure development by leveraging private sector know-how, experience and efficiency to facilitate the timely and cost effective procurement of public utility services.

Legal Framework of the UAE-Polish Bilateral Relations

Guiding Principles
The United Arab Emirates and the Republic of Poland support further expansion of bilateral relations. The article focuses mainly on the recent growth in trade and economic cooperation, connected with new legislation and developments in science diplomacy from the end of 2006 through mid-year 2012.

Dissolution and Lquidation of Joint Stock Companies in Iran

Guiding Principles
As a result of placing international sanctions against Iran, many foreign establishments have suspended their transaction with Iran and some of them proceed to close down their legal companies, branch or rep. offices in Iran. The request for dissolution and liquidation should be submitted before Corporate and Non-Commercial Institution Registration Bureau, the authority before which all legal commercial companies are required to be registered. Nevertheless, in some cases, the shareholders are required to submit their request before the court.

One Number for the Trademarks in Yemen

Guiding Principles
As of October 1st, 2011, all the registration numbers of the Trademarks in Yemen shall hold the same No. of filling once the application is accepted. This is based on the new implementing regulation of the Yemeni Trademark law No. 23 of 2010, issued on July 27th, 2011.

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