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Vol.XVI – Issue 1, Jan. 2012 – Articles

Review of
Legal News of the Gulf

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Dubai extends DIFC Court Jurisdiction

Guiding Principles
This Article introduces the recent changes in the jurisdiction of DIFC Courts. The jurisdiction is now open to agreements of the parties allowing them to benefit from the common law jurisdiction. This brings advantages for the party but creates new problems with local courts.

Importation of Foreign Products into Iranian Market

Guiding Principles
Foreign companies, which intend to import and sell their products directly into the Iranian market, need to establish a branch or they may import their products through an Iranian commercial company. For the import of goods into Iran, an import license and commercial card are required. The commercial card is issued by the Iran Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Mines. With regards to the import license, the foreign importer is required to register its order before the Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade and shall obtain the respective import license.

Kingdom Tower, the Highest Building in the World 2016

Guiding Principles
In a region experiencing the highest rates of spending on real estate developments in the world, the Gulf region is going to be the platform for the world’s tallest building for the second consecutive time. The Kingdom Tower in Jeddah is going to overtake the title of Burj Khalifa as the current highest building in the world – with an overall height of 1 Kilometer. However, this will not happen any time before 2016 the estimated time for finishing the construction works of the new tower.

The 10th edition of the Nice Classification for trade mark applications

Guiding Principles
The tenth edition of the International (Nice) Classification of Goods and Services for the purposes of the registration of trademarks will come into effect on 1 January 2012.

Omani Labour Law – Recent Changes and Amendments

Guiding Principle

With Royal Decree No. 113/2011 amendments and changes to the Omani Labour Law, Royal Decree No. 35/2003 has been published. The aim to the new changes has been to clear up uncertain areas in the Labour Law. The changes are quite far-reaching, in particular to changes in working hours, overtime, leave, etc.

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