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Vol.XVII – Issue 2, Apr. 2013 – Articles

Review of
Legal News of the Gulf

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Criminal Aspects of Bounced Cheques Under the UAE Law

Guiding Principle

This Article analyses the criminal consequences of bounced cheques under the UAE law. In the first part it briefly describes the legal framework of the UAE system and how it reacts to the issuance of uncovered cheques. Afterwards, it highlights how the law is applied by the concerned authorities when a bounced cheque complain is filed and clarifies the nature and extent of a new presidential order that led to some misunderstanding. In the last part, the Article will also discuss the possibility of decriminalization of bounced cheques and the reforms demanded in this respect. Finally, it provides some practical advices to be considered before issuing a cheque.

Dubai Customs wins CIO 50 Award 2013 for Best IT Systems

Guiding Principle

The Customs Development Division at Dubai Customs has won the CIO 50 Award 2013 for the second time in a row and fourth time overall, in recognition of its efforts to integrate customs requirements with the latest IT solutions.

Iraqi Health Care

Guiding Principle

This Article speaks about the current Iraqi health care and the question about privatization.

Setting-Up an Insurance Company in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq

Guiding Principle

This article provides the information regarding the requirements and setting-up an insurance company in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq.

The Enforcement of the International Arbitral Awards in the Legal System of the Islamic Republic of Iran – Part I

Guiding Principle

In the case of dispute under private law, the Iranian arbitration law permits the dispute be filed before Iranian or international arbitration forums instead of public courts. In 2001, Iran became a member of the New York UN Convention of 10 June 1958 on the Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards. Therefore, foreign arbitral awards can also be enforced in Iran as far as they pertain to commercial matters. A few particularities must continue to be taken into account, however, meaning that ultimately even a foreign arbitral award may not be enforceable in Iran. It should always be kept in mind that in accordance with Article 139 of the Iranian Constitution, arbitral decisions of a foreign party with the Iranian government or a public company (governmental company) always require the explicit consent of the parliament.

New Trademark Filing System in Lebanon

Guiding Principle

The Ministry of Economics and Trade, the General Directorate of Economic and Trades, and the Intellectual Property Protection Department – Trademarks Division, in an attempt to develop the trademarks registration procedure, has adopted a new online filing system as of February 2013.

Knowledge Oasis Muscat – Public Establishment for Industrial Estates

Guiding Principle

Introducing Sultanate’s leading technology park, Knowledge Oasis Muscat is a rapidly expanding hub to high-tech, knowledge based firms and IT colleges, located within a large eco-friendly site near the Al-Raseel Industrial Estate and the Sultan Qaboos University.

New Amendments to the Saudi Labour Law with a View of Reducing the Expatriates Working Unofficially

Guiding Principle

The number of expatriates working in Saudi Arabia is currently exceeding 33% of the inhabitants. Pushed by the large unemployment rates amongst the citizens, the Saudi government is adopting new strategies to reduce the number of expatriates in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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