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Vol.XVII – Issue 4, Oct. 2013 – Articles

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Legal News of the Gulf

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A new Chapter in Rental Disputes in Dubai

Guiding Principle

As of 17th November 2013 Dubai has a new Rental Disputes Settlement Center, which will replace the Rent Committee, and a new procedure for the settlement of rental disputes.

Business Trip of a German Delegation to Baghdad in the country between Euphrates and Tigris – organized by the German Ministry of Economy from 11. to 14.10.2013

Guiding Principle

The German Ministry of Economy organized a business trip for a German Delegation to Baghdad from 11. to 14.10.2013 . Rolf Meyer-Reumann joined the Delegation and reports on his visit to a city, which he knew well since the Iraq Embargo time and which is still behind the curtain for the entire world.

EU Court Sanctions against IRISL

Guiding Principle

The European General Court, based in Luxembourg, has lifted the European Union’s sanctions against the Islamic Republic of Iran Shipping Lines (IRISL) and 17 other Iranian shipping companies connected to IRISL in its judgment dated 16 September 2013, in Case T-489/10, Islamic Republic of Iran Shipping Lines vs. Council of the European Union. The General Court came to this decision that the evidence of IRISL’s alleged involvement in nuclear proliferation offered by European governments ‘does not justify the adoption and maintenance of restrictive measures’. This ruling also included other Iranian shipping firms connected to IRISL

Environmental Laws of Oman

Guiding Principle

The United Nations (UN) Environment Program has credited Oman with having one of the best records in environmental conservation, pollution control and maintenance of ecological balance. Oman is even stated as having one of the world’s most rigorously “green” governments. Oman’s biodiversity is catered for by varying topographic features, from a vast arid deserts in the West, to a belt of grass and woodland in the mountainous region of the South, and the Arabian Sea in the East.

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