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Vol.XVII – Issue 1, Jan. 2013–Articles

Review of
Legal News of the Gulf

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Bounced Security Cheques as Evidence in Criminal Cases

Guiding Principle
In the UAE security cheques are a popular securing device. According to its definition a security cheque is a postdated cheque to secure payments that will arise in the future. In many cases payment is dependent on the fulfillment of a condition. The majority of security cheques is issued in order to secure the repayment of a debt, e.g. a real estate or a personal loan.

Patents Registration in the GCC – Data and Facts

Guiding Principle
Awareness of the importance to protect IP rights is continuously growing all over the globe due to the enormous losses sustained by the industrial countries because of the spread of counterfeit trademarks and products. Protecting IP rights against imitators is of utmost importance, in particular in areas like the Gulf, where faked products are constantly penetrating the market. The fight against faked products starts with the registration of the IP rights.

The Product Liability in the Legal System of the Islamic Republic of Iran

Guiding Principle
These days, the necessity of protecting consumers rights by approving some rules regulating the relationship between producers and consumers is felt. Product Liability is the body of law which solves this problem and provides compensation for physical injuries and property damage resulting from defective and unreasonably dangerous products, and from the failure of a manufacturer or seller to warn the consumer of product dangers. The issue of product liability had been forthcoming in the Iranian Civil Code ratified during 1927-31 and the Law on Protection of Consumer Rights of 2009.

Consequences of Changes of Egypt Government in the field of Legislation

Guiding Principle
Like other countries of the Arab Spring, the Egyptian revolution led the Islamist movements to the power. This had its clear impacts on legislations in the country. In this article, we present a quick review on the most important legislation enacted or still under the enacting process since the revolution.

U.S.-Oman Free Trade Agreement

Guiding Principle
This Articles deals with the recent developments in the implementation of the U.S.-Oman Free Trade Agreement (FTA). The FTA is a binding international agreement between the Sultanate of Oman and the Government of the United States of America that is intended to improve economic relations and strengthen the overall relationships between the two countries.

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