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Patents Registration in the GCC – Data and Facts

Guiding Principle

Awareness of the importance to protect IP rights is continuously growing all over the globe due to the enormous losses sustained by the industrial countries because of the spread of counterfeit trademarks and products. Protecting IP rights against imitators is of utmost importance, in particular in areas like the Gulf, where faked products are constantly penetrating the market. The fight against faked products starts with the registration of the IP rights.

I. Patent Registration in the GCC

The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) is annually publishing the number of patents filed every year through the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT). In 2008 Saudi Arabia was at the top of the Arab counties registering in total 61 patents. The United Arab Emirates was the second in the GCC with 22 patents, followed by Kuwait with 3 filed patents[1].

According to the Patent Office of the GCC, the number of patents being filed in 2008 is as follows:

  • About 22.547 new patents;
  • The number of granted patents was about 2.189 patents;
  • The non-valid applications arrived to about 6.347 applications;
  • The non-valid patents reached to about 644 patents.
  • Conversely, the statistics showed that the number of patent applications, which were filed by that Office that year was about 2.316 applications;
  • The number of granted patents that year was about 226 patents;
  • The applications in progress are about 14.030 applications[2].

Statistics show that patent applications filed in Saudi Arabia in 2010 are about 931 applications and the number of granted patents is about 262 patents. The rejected patent applications are about 393 applications, and lapsed patent applications amount to approximately 443 applications.

In  2011, statistics show that patent applications filed in Saudi Arabia are about 1.000 applications whereas the number of granted patents amounts to only 253 patents. Rejected patent applications came to 324 applications, lapsed patent applications to about 286 applications and withdrawn patent applications are about 7 applications[3].

II. The M&P IP-Portal for Registration and Actions against Infringements of TM’s and Patent’s

Patent registrations are done to create IP-rights and to be ready to fight for protections and damages if they are infringed. M&P has created the M&P IP-Portal (, which provides to owners of IP-rights a (free) IP-Guide and gives clients the opportunity to upload well in advance the documentation required to fight infringements and to prepare themselves well in advance of the event of an infringement to protect their intellectual property rights. The M&P IP-Portal is a platform for the clients to register and to professionally take preventive measurements to protect their intellectual property against piracy and infringements. The preventive preparations on the M&P-IP-Portal are free of charge until infringement cases are coming up and (prompt) actions are required.

III. Sesam’s TM and Patent Infringement Services

Sesam Business Consultants (a company closely linked to M&P) is ready to help! Sesam has over twelve years experience in the GCC region and has been working with international clients to develop the markets of the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Oman. Sesam’s projects cover a variety of industries ranging from green building in the Construction including to healthcare and the food & beverage industry to industrial manufacturing. Sesam is ready for market surveys to fight infringements.

Sesam’s Patent infringement services include the following:

  • Market survey and research of background information with regards to potential trade mark violators in the UAE;
  • Collaborating with the M&P as IP lawyers for supporting and coordinating legal actions;
  • Documenting and securing of physical evidence of infringements;
  • Pursuing, supervising, and documenting the confiscation and other actions of enforcement;

The full scope of Sesam services may be found on Sesam website:

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