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Prologue for this Special Issue on the Iran’s Commercial Laws

The World is preparing for the end of the international sanctions against Iran. Many state delegations as well as many companies are visiting Iran to prepare themselves according to the prevailing circumstances.

The sanctions on Iran date back to the year 2006. Even if sanctions are still not lifted, the 5 + 1 States and the Iran are much closer to agree to an end as they are working on a specific plan to gradually lift the sanctions.

However, as long as the sanctions are not lifted and no time schedule is known, nothing really has changed. The laws before and during the sanctions are the same despite some adjustments. Therefore, it is advisable to get familiar with them before the sanctions are lifted. This is the purpose of this Special Issue.

However, during the sanctions Iran has changed. Necessity is the mother of invention, and Iran and the Iranians have learnt a lot to help themselves, where they did not get help from elsewhere. Whatever they got in the past from abroad, they may today produce themselves. Its time now to join forces to find the needs on one side and the right partners to deliver them on the other side. It is time to develop new trust and confidence in the other side’s performance, which is not a one-way road.

For this reason, M&P is preparing for seminars as soon as a timetable for lifting the sanctions is known.

While visiting Tehran recently, Mr Rolf Meyer-Reumann, and Ms. Zahra Tahsili, head of the M&P Department in Tehran, received the most friendly and very efficient welcome and support of a Department of the Iranian Ministry of Trade and Energy. They offered to select qualified speakers from various Ministries on topics, which should be of particular interest for German companies. We are grateful for such assistance and hereby convey our tremendous thanks!! Thus the right Iranian Expert will explain in a couple of seminars Irans’ plans after the sanctions. The speakers, the dates and the location of the seminars will be published as soon as known.

We are convinced that an update of the most relevant laws will enable the participants of the seminars to convert the news disclosed after the sanctions into a success.

M&P welcomes you on our special Iran Website Here you will find all information on the seminars, topics and speakers. The site will be constantly updated. Any further inquiries you may have please submit them to the dedicated email and it will be a pleasure for us to be at your disposal at any time. We would be even more pleased and honored to welcome you to one our seminar, whether in Berlin, Frankfurt of Munich.

Dubai, 29.10.2015 Rolf Meyer-Reumann
Meyer-Reumann & Partners, Dubai Office
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