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The M&P Legal Network for Legal Consultancy Services beyond the Borders

Guiding Principle

M&P has developed a ME-Legal Network for legal consultancy services beyond the borders The recent internal restructuring of Meyer-Reumann & Partners (M&P) followed by the closure of our office in Abu Dhabi raised the question “Where does this leave our Abu Dhabi Clients”? This article will show that M&P’s Legal Consultancy Services in Abu Dhabi are fully covered by the M&P ME-Legal Network. At all times it is the Client’s decision to choose the law office and the lawyer he/she trusts! The M&P ME-Network gives the Client a wider discretion to solve his/her legal issues.

I. M&P Dubai Office as Central Hub for Cross Border Services

1. The M&P Legal Network

Since quite a number of years, we have and still are developing the concept that our Clients will be able to receive legal services centralized from our office in Dubai for most of the countries in the Middle East as a One-stop-Point of Call for Legal Services covering the Middle East. We appoint specific lawyers as coordinators who will be responsible to coordinate a mandate, which requires legal services outside the UAE either in providing the service personally or in coordination with one of our offices in the respective country or in cooperation with a trusted law office, with which we have established good relations. All of which is openly communicated to the Client at all times.

M&P today has a network of 6 offices in the U.A.E., Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Oman and Saudi Arabia providing legal consultancy related to the entire Middle East (Bahrain, Egypt, Kuwait, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Syria, U.A.E. and Yemen) predominantly on commercial, corporate and investment laws to internationally operating Clients.

2. The M&P Legal Data Bank

The network of lawyers and offices are able to resort to laws, legal texts and articles from our in-house Legal Data Bank.

M&P’s legal knowledge was preserved and maintained since the very beginning at a time, when telefax punched tapes just had come on the market.

As of July 2015 the M&P Legal Database is comprising English, Arabic, German (and to some extent bi-lingual) documents related to all fields of law, including

  • 498 laws, including excerpts of laws for specific legal issues and laws outdated for statements referring to a period they were in force.
  • 670 articles (including the in-house magazine “lex arabiae”)
  • 168 forms, specimen
  • 220 legal statements
  • More than 10.000 legal textblocks of the entire Middle East and (to some extent) beyond. Trained paralegal have the expertise to update the legal data bank from other databanks in the market (M&P is member), many legal websites and other sources related to the Middle East.

3. The Scope of the Legal Services of M&P (Conventional & Online)

M&P’s core of legal services is related to commercial / economic laws of the Middle East as legally needed by foreign companies doing business in or with the Middle East. M&P’s services also include family- and inheritance laws, trademark- and patent registration worldwide and the formation of offshore companies in Jebel Ali and Ras Al Khaimah.

For details see M&P‘s full profile on the M&P website

II. The M&P Concept

1. The General M&P Concept:

The core of M&P‘s concept is to provide cross border legal consultancy including its 6 offices at various places in the ME and beyond that 8 more Middle East countries, where M&P has no offices but an in-house legal data bank covering these counties plus trustworthy law firms in these countries, where the data bank runs short. This concept allows clients:

  • To ask any M&P office a legal question related to any of these mentioned M&P countries,
  • To consult one lawyer, whose quality of work they know, questions related any of the M&P countries and to leave the quality control to him/her,
  • To consult directly a lawyer in the country of their concern to speed up a matter or to have a direct dialogue with the lawyer in charge,
  • To combine the above alternatives in order to optimize the consultancy progress, e.g. contacting the lawyer they trust and in between contact the lawyer, who is working on the issue, to clarify details.

2. The M&P-Legal Online Services Concept in a Nutshell

The M&P Legal Online Services is an electronic interactive legal online service for 13 ME-Countries. It is supported be a lawyer team with local knowledge, the M&P in-house Legal Databank and trained paralegals for legal research work allowing a paperless full electronic service. Submitting legal question and receiving the answers and the online payment of the legal fees, all is easy to handle without electronic knowledge.

Preparations for the Online Service started in 2013. It is presently in the testing phase and will go online later in 2015.

The Legal Online Service is password protected and comprises

  • An online legal question,
  • An online evaluation of the question, fee quotation for the scope that can be evaluated,
  • A request of a down payment of 50% of the fees, online or by bank transfer,
  • Comprehensive answer to the legal questions.

If the full question had been separated in parts, the above procedure will be repeated until the full question is answered.

III. Legal Consultancy of M&P in Abu Dhabi 

1. Dr. Hussein Y. Ghanayem’s Statement

In April this year closed our office in Abu Dhabi and centralized our legal consultation for the U.A. E. on our office in Dubai. Doing so we had to make sure, that we could continue to serve our Abu Dhabi clients. Most of the legal consultancy services nowadays is done by emails and internet. Some of our clients from overseas we have never seen yet, although we are serving them for years already.

To be on the safe side with regard to our Abu Dhabi clients, we asked Dr. Hussein Y. Ghanayem, to provide M&P a statement with regard to the legal status of the M&P services in Abu Dhabi. Dr. Hussein Y. Ghanayem is a prominent legal expert being for more than 35 years in the country as professor of law at the Al Ain University, advocate in Abu Dhabi and Director of the Abu Dhabi Executive Council being in charge for licensing law firms. Dr. Ghanayem left no doubt, that we indeed are allowed to look after clients also in Abu Dhabi as long as we are lawyers, who are properly licensed. Meyer-Reumann & Partners and each of its Dubai lawyers are fully licensed by the Ruler’s Court and the Department of Economic Development in Dubai.

For easy reference, please find below the full text of the legal statement:

“To Whom it may concern!

I have been asked to give my legal opinion concerning the legal practice of the licensed consultative offices in UAE.

By virtue of my intensive engagement in UAE legal affairs since 1982, I would like to state the following:

Any established consultative office in any of UAE emirates is entitled to give its legal opinion to any individual or entity. The only limitation is that an established office in a certain emirate cannot open a branch or office in another emirate without obtaining a license from the competent authority of the other emirate.

Furthermore, any individual or entity may seek to obtain the advisory opinion of any licensed office in any emirate. Any such office is entitled to deal with the afore-mentioned individual or entity irrespective whether the individual is residing in the same emirate of the office’s location or not, whether the entities headquarter is located in the same emirate or not. For consultations with current or potential clients, there is no geographical limitation in UAE”

Accordingly, a professional license allows having an office in the emirate of issuance only. From that office its holder may provide legal consultancy in the entire U.A.E. Any major law firm in Dubai will confirm, that they are also providing consultancy service on UAE and Abu Dhabi and other laws they are familiar with for clients in Abu Dhabi if and when requested and to negotiate with parties residing in Abu Dhabi or Abu Dhabi authorities.

2. The Article of “The National” of 18.07.2015

The well-known UAE newspaper “The National” published on 18.07.2015 an article written by John Everington called “Competition driving some law firms out of Abu Dhabi”, web link:

The article describes, that at the time being well-known law offices are leaving Abu Dhabi and continue – like M&P- to look after Abu Dhabi clients from Dubai.

“Last month Herbert Smith Freehills became the latest western law firm to shut up shop in the capital, six years after its office opened”

“We are confident that we can continue to provide the quality and breadth of service to our clients in Abu Dhabi from our offices in Dubai and Doha and our global network across the UK/US, Europe and Asia Pacific,” the head of the firm’s Middle Eastern practice Zubair Mir told American Lawyer last month.”

Herbert Smith Freehills is a reputed law firm, which certainly will provide their Abu Dhabi clients also in the future the same quality of services as they did, when they had an office in Abu Dhabi.

3. M&P-Concept Being in Line with the Practice in Abu Dhabi

M&P will continue to serve its clients in Abu Dhabi. The M&P-ME-Concept is a guarantor of a service meeting a high quality standard in line with the practice in Abu Dhabi.

April, 2015 Elena Schildgen / Rolf Meyer-Reumann
Meyer-Reumann & Partners, Dubai Office
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