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The Background for the Seminars ”Iran Presents Itself!”

The Iranian government agreed to present the Iranian business world through a seminar, held early autumn in Germany. The Seminar organizers with the support of Iranian government will appoint official speakers and representatives of real projects. Iran is on its way to get reconnected to the world’s business and Germany always was a strong partner. The seminar helps German companies to directly verify, whether there is something meeting their expectations. OIETAI (Organization for Investment, Economic and Technical Assistance of Iran) will appoint official Iranian experts, with the right knowledge which is essential for international companies in Iran. They will explain, what Iran has to offer and what perhaps meets their expectations. Additionally German representatives, especially with regard in federal guarantees and exporting permission shall be invited to be available for questions from the German side, whether the key data meets the official German requirements.

The goal of OIETAI, the Iranian experts and the German organizers are to open Iran’s business to the German business has a long background. The way to get to this point was not easy:

On the 16.01.2016 (so-called “Implementation Day”), after the UN Security Council followed a corresponding recommendation of the IAEA, confirmed in its Resolution 2231(2015), that the nuclear-related economic and financial sanctions on Iran were lifted. This cleared the way for the implementation of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) (also called the “Vienna Agreement”). The EU confirmed the implementation by its Resolution (GASP) 2016/37 on 16th of January 2016, which entered into force on the same day.

However, only the nuclear-related economic and financial sanctions were repealed, and these only partially. The German Federal Office for Economic and Export Control BAFA and the Austrian Chamber of Commerce (WKO) are giving a good overview of how complicated the implementation may be in detail. The implementation of the JCPOA may not be as easy as it appear at a first glance.

Germany enjoys traditionally a special position in Iran and could benefit from lifting the sanctions perhaps more than others. Many official delegations and companies already visited Iran since quite a time to get prepared for the “Implementation Day”. Being well informed is the right approach. However, as often, the devil is hidden in the details.

The laws being applied in Iran before, during, and after the sanctions did not change very much irrespective of some adjustments in the course of time. However, who wants to approach the Iranian market now, should be well familiar with applicable local laws in order to optimize their engagement. For this reason, the Organizers of the Iran Seminars prepared a Special Issue with commentaries on the most relevant Iranian commercial laws. The Special Issue can be found also on this Web page under “Literature“.

Economically, Iran has changed substantially during the sanctions. Necessity is the mother of invention and Iran and its citizens have learned to help themselves where help from abroad was barred. Goods and services provided before the sanctions from abroad may today be produced in Iran. Nevertheless, large gaps remain and became even larger. Foreign investors should find out the primary needs of Iran today and whom they should approach to realize them. After a long period of isolation, mutually new trust and confidence between the partners has to be developed.

Already during the sanctions the Tehran Office of Meyer Reumann & Partners (M&P), headed by Mrs. Zahra Tahsili, together with German partners (in Frankfurt RA Mr. Michael Fausel of the law firm Beiten & Burkhart, in Munich RA Dr. Michael Scheele of the law firm Legal Alliance, in Düsseldorf Mr. Sasan Krenkler of the consultancy office Krenkler & Partner and in Berlin Dr. Rudolf Steinke of the association Berliner Wirtschaftsgespräche e.V. repeatedly tried to organize Iran seminars in Germany but has to postpone the dates again and again. Now the seminars about Iran were converted to seminars of Iran, where Iran itself can represent its business opportunities.

The seminars of the Organizers are actively supported by the Iranian investment authority “Organization for Investment Economic & Technical Assistance of Iran” (OIETAI), a Department of the Iranian Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance. OIETAI mandated by the Iranian Government for all activities having an external nature with global international affairs. It ranges from investment to financing as well as from bilateral to regional and international relations. Experts selected by OIETAI will present Iran’s interests in the seminars prepared by the Organizers. In the morning, they will talk on commercial issues foreign investors should be familiar with. In the afternoon operators, Iranian project will present selected projects tailor-made for foreign investors.

Prior to the seminars, the organizers consortium will concentrate on their task: to organize! In the seminars, the organizer’s part will be matchmaking, as much as possible and to promote the attendants interests! The floor is given to the Iranian experts.

The Iranian self-portray shall enable the seminar participants to use what they learnt in the morning during discussions about projects catching their interest in the afternoon.

This webpage is designated to introduce anyone interested in Iranian business with all details and all developments until the day of the event. Companies, organizations, officials and the press may continuously update themselves about the program, the venues and information related to Iran’s business. If you want to participate, you may register yourself for the seminar in Berlin, in Frankfurt or in Munich and register themselves online – against a moderate fee.

The Organizers are looking forward to welcome you on one of our seminars.

April, 2016 Rolf Meyer-Reumann
Meyer-Reumann & Partners, Dubai Office
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