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Business and Investment Opportunities and the Prospects for a Trade-Cooperation between Iran and Europe

The Specialty of the Seminars
Iran Seminars seem to have become a frequent occurrence nowadays. Meyer-Reumann & Partners (M&P), however, have taken an unique approach: Seven experts out of and from Iran, carefully selected and appointed by the Iranian Government itself will stand in the focus of M&P’s Iran seminar concept. So interested parties have the chance to face-to-face contact for explanation and discussion of possibilities and options of business relations in and with Iran directly from the source. Furthermore, the seminars understand themselves as a platform to allow in depth networking with the experts during sessions, in special workshops, at lunch and dinner.

  1. The Planning
    M&P and its Partners build on a lasting experience with Iran Seminars. Already during the era of the sanctions the organizers of the seminars Meyer Reumann & Partners (M&P, Tehran Office), together with the law firms Beiten & Burkhart in Frankfurt and Legal Alliance in Munich, and the Iran business consultants Krenkler & von Waldow in Düsseldorf and the Law Office Schwippert in Berlin started to organize Iran seminars in Germany. Although these initiatives were frequently delayed by the sanctions; now, this has changed and all the previous experience has pinnacled in a unique style solution!

  1. The three-language -seminars
    The organizers are preparing three seminars in Germany:
    On 31. October 2016 in Berlin,
    on 02. November 2016 in Frankfurt and
    on 04. November 2016 in Munich.

    The official Iranian speakers are  officially delegated by the Iranian Organization for Investment, Economic and Technical Assistance (OIENTAI) of the Iranian Ministry of Economy to present commercial topics.
    Further details concerning speakers and presentations will be provided on a special website. (e.g. for the Berlin Seminar please refer to sophisticated and international level of the seminars encouraged the organizers to  prepare them in German, English and Persian language.

  1. Who will benefit from the Iran Seminars?
    The seminars – including its organizers, speakers and the auditorium -understand themselves as a unique opportunity to provide a platform for preparation to enter or re-enter the Iranian market.

    The seminars are specially designed to be attended by:

    ·         Investors ·         Market researchers
    ·         Lawyers ·         Marketing managers
    ·         Consultants ·         Business Developers
    ·         Franchisers ·         Construction companies
    ·         Sales managers ·         Civil engineering companies
    ·         Service providers ·         Tendering & bidding managers
    ·         Export managers ·         Business & employer associations
    ·         Products managers

  1. Why visiting the Iran Seminars?
    Economically Iran has changed considerably during the the sanctions. Necessity, the mother of invention, caused Iran and its citizens to learn to help themselves when international trade-ways were blocked. In many cases Iran today can produce what was imported in the past. However, large gaps could still not be filled. Thus Iran changed its international relations and favored South- and North Korea as well as China. The sanctions not only effected Iran but also showed a negative impact on Europe. The European business community should recover the predominant business position it once had and can have.

    But how can the current situation be assessed? What are the primary needs of Iran? Who are the partners of Iran in the future? Europe has to recreate a new trust towards the Iranian partners on political and even more on a commercial level.

    Therefore the Organizers’ target is: “Foster Business and Investment”.
    So the seminars offer to their participants not only the option to benefit from the presentations of Iranian speakers, but also from:

    1. Networking with Iranian speakers, seminar participants, the organizers in the breaks and at the lunch and dinner buffets,
    2. Establishing new business opportunities,
    3. Brainstorming ideas with potential partners and getting an immediate feedback,
    4. Benefiting from the knowledge of the official experts,
    5. Share business or services with potential partners,
    6. Creating and re-enforcing potential partnerships and relationships,
    7. Tapping the speakers for difficult or confidential questions,
    8. Meeting people with in the same trade intentions,
    9. Sharing experience that might help to expand personal and professional networks.

  1. Registration for the seminars online
    The Seminars are open for online registration. The only effort needed is to specify the location; anything else will be provided to the interested party without any further paperwork.

    Further enquirers (e.g. direct meetings with one of the speakers or organizers, joining special workshops) can simply be arranged by e-mail ( The organizers will take care of it.

  1. Information service
    Companies, organisations, authorities and press will pe provided with complete information about the seminars, contacts and matters related thereto on request under

    It should further be remarked, that all speakers are re-known experts in their respective field and thus offer the unique possibility to further provide their expertise outside their speeches e.g. during lunch or dinner on a face-to-face basis.

  1. The Iranian Experts
    The official Iranian representative and experts are:

    Mohammad Heidarzadeh First Counselor Economic Section of the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Berlin
    Mohammad Mehdi Dalvand Deputy of Director General, of Foreign Investment Office, Organization for Investment, Economic and Technical Assistance of Iran (OIETAI)
    Soheil Pourhaji Hosseini Deputy for Director General of Foreign Investment Department, Ministry of Industry, Mine & Trade of Iran
    Pourhaji Hosseini Deputy for Director General of Foreign Investment Department, Ministry of Industry, Mine & Trade of Iran
    Mr. Maghsoudlou Head of International Affairs, Economic Ministry
    Pourhaji Hosseini Deputy for Director General of Foreign Investment Department, Ministry of Industry, Mine & Trade of Iran
    Mr. Hajebi Customs Bureau of Iran
    Rep. of Tourism Ministry NN
    Ali Mirzaie Deputy of General Office of Corporate Registration
    Armin Karimi Manager of Foreign Investment Service Center of Charmahal-Bakhtiari, OIETAI
    Zahra Tahsili Iranian Lawyer of Meyer-Reumann & Partners

    The experts will explain what the Iran has to offer and what environment awaits foreign investors in Iran. German participants can directly check if there is anything that meets their expectations. Specific investment projects will directly be introduced at the end to interested participants.

    The goal of OIENTAI is to serve the growth of the German – Iranian business relations and the re-level them on their pre-sanctions state.

    The organizers feel committed to give OIENTAI the right platform to provide its first hand knowledge to any interested party.

  1. Iran’s Way out of the Sanctions
    The way of Iran out of the international sanctions and to reestablish full international economic cooperation is long and thorny.

    On 16.1.2016 (so-called “Implementation Day”), after the UN Security Council, following a corresponding recommendation of the IAEA, confirmed this in its Resolution 2231(2015), the nuclear-related economic and financial sanctions on Iran were lifted. This cleared the way for the implementation of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) (also called the “Vienna Agreement”). Accordingly the EU lifted the sanctions by its Resolution (GASP) 2016/37 on January 16, 2016, which entered into force on the same day.

    However, only the nuclear-related economic and financial sanctions were repealed, and these only partially. The German Federal Office for Economic and Export Control – BAFA and the Austrian Chamber of Commerce (WKO) are giving a good overview of how complicated the implementation may be in detail. The implementation of the JCPOA may not be as easy as it appear at  first glance.

    But with trade an commerce as driving factors of exchange, dialogue and mutual trust the commercial world will have a great share in reaching a solution.

July 2016, For the Organizers: Rolf Meyer-Reumann
Meyer-Reumann & Partners, Dubai Office
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