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M&P Welcomes Heinrich Köllisch

We are pleased to announce that RA Heinrich Köllisch joined our Dubai office. Today we use this opportunity to give him a chance to introduce himself to the readers of Lex Arabiae:

“Born and raised in Hamburg, Germany I graduated there from secondary school Christianeum and continued my formation in Legal Studies in Passau and Mainz until my 1st State Exam in 2006.
My very interest to pursue on an international focus led me to take up a second study after my legal graduation. So I started to study Languages, Culture and History of the Middle East at the University of Tübingen. My special interest in this context was to learn and be able to communicate in Arabic and secondly to gain an insight into the legal systems of the Arabic World. Therefore I spent one year in Tunis, where I found a place at the local Zitouna University (with its roots going back over 1200 years) to study Islamic Law.
Shortly after I entered my mandatory Legal Traineeship (Referendariat) in Hamburg. Amongst other stations I spent half a year with the Hamburg Senate Chancellery in the Department of European and International Affairs. Another Experience has been a time with an international Law Firm in Frankfurt/Main, in their Team of Banking and Finance, specially focusing on the German Market for Islamic Finance.
The most shaping station of my Referendariat for me though was my stay with Meyer-Reumann & Partners in Dubai in 2014. Here I was able to work in all of the fields I have so passionately studied and I found an opportunity to use, what I personally like in the interest of customers.So it was very obvious for me to approach Meyer-Reumann & Partners again after passing my 2nd State Exam in Hamburg and my admission to the Hamburg Bar as a lawyer.”
We welcome RA Heinrich Köllisch in our Dubai team!

October, 2016 Elena Schildgen
Meyer-Reumann & Partners, Dubai Office
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