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Vol. XXI – Issue 3, Jul. 2017-Articles

Review of
Legal News of the Middle East
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An Overview Over Agency Laws in the Gulf
Thinking of the Gulf as a region of individual yet closely linked countries requires a special comparative view over the legal situation in various areas of law. Agency legislation in particular is in constant focus of attention throughout the Gulf. This article shall briefly review the agency laws of five Gulf Countries. Read more.

New Investment Law in Egypt
In the continuous efforts of the Egyptian Government to get the country out of the spiral of its huge difficulties, Egypt’s House of Representatives approved on May 7, 2017 a new investment law that grants investors a number of incentives, as a part of the ongoing efforts aiming at bringing back more Foreign Direct Investments to the country. Read more.

Newly Introduced Taxes in Saudi Arabia:
Selective, Family Levy for Expatriates; and VAT Starting from January 2018

As Saudi Arabia entered into a recession caused by the drop in the global oil prices – the main source of revenue for the country – which in turn led to a deficit at its budget, the Government enforced several measures to cut spending and generate income from other sources. Read more.

Shares as Gifts – Right or Wrong?
It is common amongst business operators to invite third parties to become shareholders in the operators’ commercial entities. This article aims to shed some light on whether or not this is usually a good idea. Read more.

New Rules and Fines for Traffic Violations in the UAE from July 1, 2017
Following the amendment of the UAE Federal Traffic Law No. 21/1995 by Ministerial Decree No. 177/2017 and No. 178/2017 a new set of traffic rules was introduced and is effective as per July 1st, 2017. Read more.

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