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Vol. XXI – Issue 4, Oct. 2017-Articles

Review of
Legal News of the Middle East
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The introduction of VAT in the UAE requires Professional Assistance!
M&P announces the cooperation with the Tax Law Expert Mr. Markus Bohnen. For the time being the only certainty appears to be that Value Added Tax ( VAT) of 5 % will be introduced in the UAE to most products and services from 01.01.2018. It seems also clear though that, based on European standards, quarterly VAT declarations will have to be submitted to the competent authority – the Federal Tax Authority (FAT) from 2018 onwards. Read more.

Payment Orders in the UAE the Chances for a Quick Way to Obtain Enforceable Titles
In recent times, UAE Lawyers and Legal Consultants have seen more and more clients trying to collect outstanding debts from business partners. A number of other jurisdictions have special “fast-track” procedures that offer a speedy way to an executable title under different circumstances. The following article would like to take a closer look at comparable instruments under the UAE Civil Procedures Law and discuss their value i.e. advantages and disadvantages. Read more.

Fully Foreign-Owned Businesses in Saudi Arabia
Contrary to what is commonly known to many, there are various activities that non-Saudi investors may practise in Saudi Arabia with no requirement to have a local partner. This permission is not limited to the boundaries of a certain region(s). Non-Saudi investors may have their own entity to practice one or more of the permitted activities all over the Kingdom. The permitted activities include the industrial sector, trading and services activities. Read more.

New Expat fees in Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia decided to introduce an “expat levy” from July 1, 2017, with charges of up to SR800 per worker by 2020. Read more.

Am I Married – Am I Single? Recognition of Foreign Marriages by Foreign Courts and Impacts of Diverging Jurisdictions Regarding Divorces
As in former times it was almost guaranteed, that a marriage will be divorced when the husband filed the motion for divorce, new trends can be noticed now. Just recently, the competent Dubai Court decided to dismiss a case of divorce as in its opinion the marriage was not concluded in compliance with the rules of the Sharia. Furthermore, in the courts opinion the reasons the husband explained for the dissension of the spouses were not comprehensible enough and not properly proven. Read more.

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