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M&P welcomes Mrs. Mariem Al-Ssayrafi

Mariem Al-Ssayrafi

Author: Mariem Al-Ssayrafi

We are please to announce that Mrs. Mariem Al-Ssayrafi joined our team in our Dubai office. Today we use this opportunity to give her a chance to introduce herself to the readers of Lex Arabiae:

“The wish to become a lawyer arose early, already in my childhood, and I am happy to be able to fulfill this dream now at Meyer-Reumann & Partners in their Dubai office.

Raised in Nuremberg, I graduated from the Heinrich- Schliemann- Gymnasium in 2010 and started my law studies in the same year at the Friedrich- Alexander- University in Erlangen. From the beginning of my studies I worked on the side in a medium sized lawyers office in Nuremberg, to get in touch with the daily work of a lawyer as soon as possible.

After my graduation from university I started my mandatory Legal Traineeship at the Nuremberg Regional Court and passed my further stations at the Public Prosecution Nuremberg and the Government of Midfranconia. As I already noticed my interest for economic processes and correlations during the time of my side work at the lawyers office, I decided to spend the mandatory lawyer station at Beisse & Rath. They are focused on advising small- and medium-sized enterprises on all legal and tax matters concerning their clients’ corporate and asset management activities.

In order to complete the picture of an entirely legal education the last step to be made was a stay abroad. For my electoral station, I spend three months at the office of Meyer-Reumann & Partners in Dubai. The international work environment, the variety and diversity of clients and cases led me back after my admission the bar in Nuremberg and I am looking forward to a new chapter here in Dubai.”

We welcome Mrs. Mariem Al-Ssayrafi in our Dubai team!

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