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Possibilities of Expansion of German Enterprises in the Near and Middle East and its Legal Conditions

In the “lex arabiae” issue January 2019 we had already introduced the cooperation of Meyer-Reumann & Partners(M&P) with MKS Business Group andannounced a series of seminars and workshops.This series will now start with its first event
  On September 13, 2019, MKS Business Seminare and QRC Personalberatung International continues with its established tradition to host an Open Day at the Malzböden Fürth and looking forward to welcome Clients of M&P.

The Open Day intends to serve as a forum for the exchange of experiences and information for a number of clients, business seekers and representatives of the Chambers of Commerce. It shall also give an overview of the multitude of services offered, provide the opportunities to network, establish and enhance relations with competent and experienced partners.

MKS Business Seminare would like to dedicate this day especially to the topic “Possibilities of Expansion of German Enterprises in the Near and Middle East and its Legal Conditions”.

Special Guest for this event will be Mrs. Elena Schildgen, Managing Partners of M&P in Dubai.

M&P is looking forward to join this very special and informative event in the framework of cooperation of our companies and we are looking forward to interesting and interactive discussions.

For more information, please send an email to

  Elena Schildgen
Meyer-Reumann & Partners
Dubai Office

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