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Vol.XVIII – Issue 3, Jul. 2014–Articles

Review of
Legal News of the Gulf

The Criteria and the Adequate Compensation for a Saudi National as Lobbyist in Saudi Arabia

Guiding Principle

Regularly foreign companies in Saudi Arabia are retaining a sponsor who is lobbying for their products or services. The legal requirement of a sponsor/lobbyist for governmental contracting was abandoned in Saudi Arabia some years ago, which however does not mean that foreign companies are now forbidden to use a sponsor as their lobbyist; nor does it mean that there are no lobbyists anymore. Indeed lobbyists are a must for any company to do successful business – worldwide, also in Saudi Arabia. This article describe the development of the sponsor/lobbyist, the criteria for his selection, the scope of his obligations and services and an adequate compensation in line with the prevailing circumstances, laws and compliance rules of the foreign company.

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